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The first Swiss Web App that simplifies the management of your partnership, support and sponsorship requests

Discover how to save time in the management of your requests and in their evaluation

They decided to optimise their sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

Features you will love

Evaluate your requests in a personalized and automated way.

Manage material counterparts (non-cash)

Measure and compare your sponsorship and CSR actions.

Centralize all your internal communications for document sharing and vote management

Centralize all your communications (emails, files, reports, etc.) with your supported partners

Offer a single entry point (online form) to filter all requests.

Choose your sponsorship actions with complete objectivity.

Manage and centralize your contracts in a single interface.

We make your life easier


They chose Partnerwise.

Contact us to talk CSR and Sponsorships

Let’s see how Partnerwise can benefit you 😀!

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